The Vertebral Subluxation Complex (23)

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The Vertebral Subluxation

5 components:

JOINT DYSFUNCTION: The vertebra loses its normal position & motion. This is what sets in motion the other 4 components.

SOFT TISSUE DYSFUNCTION: Inflammation, swelling & edema of the surrounding soft tissues
– discs, ligaments & tendons.

MUSCULAR DYSFUNCTION: Muscles supporting the spine may weaken, atrophy, or become tight
and go into spasm.

NERVE DYSFUNCTION: Nerve compression can lead to obvious symptoms like nerve pain, but most commonly the subluxation puts silent stress on the nerve, affecting its ability to transmit signals between the brain & body.

PATHOPHYSIOLOGY: Loss of homeostasis. Spinal degeneration, scar tissue, and long-term nerve dysfunction can cause other systems of the body to malfunction.



Interference – Irritation – Inflammation

THE CHIROPRACTOR is specialized in detecting & correcting subluxations and thereby restoring the body’s ability to function at its highest potential.


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