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This is an essential poster for any chiropractic clinic.

The better your practice members understand the anatomy of the spine, the better they will understand the importance of the care you provide.


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The Vertebral Column

Our “The Vertebral Column” anatomical chart was specially designed for chiropractors.

It shows the vertebral column in both lateral and posterior view.

There is also illustrations of the Atlas & Axis, C3, T5 and L3. Neural structures and intervertebral discs are also present so that your practice members can gain a good understanding of the relationship between the different components of the spine.

We wanted to keep the design simple in order not to overwhelm the viewer as many dense anatomical charts do. This also makes the poster far more aesthetically pleasing.

This poster will work fantastic with our anatomical prints like The Autonomic Nervous System and The Nervous System.


18" x 24" / 50 x 70cm (EUROPE & OCEANIA), 24" x 36" / 70 x 100cm (EUROPE & OCEANIA), 36" x 48" / A0 '841 x 1189mm' (EUROPE & OCEANIA)


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