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The safety pin cycle is a simple analogy used to explain the amazing, incredible power of your nervous system and the equally astonishing neurological interactions that occur when you receive an adjustment from your chiropractor.

This safety pin cycle poster will help you explain the big idea.

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Your body is able to function and thrive at 100% when the nervous system is free from interference (vertebral subluxations) and your brain and body can communicate accurately.

These vertebral subluxations may be reducing your brain and body’s ability to send / receive signals to / from your organs, glands, muscles and tissues.

Your nervous system carry messages between your brain and body


12×16 in / 30×40 cm, 18×24 in / 45×60 cm, 20×28 in / 50×70 cm, 24×36 in / 60×90 cm, 28×40 in / 70×100 cm


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