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The road to progress.

Educate your practice members on the importance of continuing care to optimize health. Why is it a bad idea to stop seeing your chiropractor as soon as you are symptom free? What level of health should we strive to achieve?

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The Road to Progress

The three phases of chiropractic care

This poster explains the three phases of chiropractic care. Why should your patient continue care after her symptoms disappear?



This is the point where you choose to seek care. Perhaps because of a recent trauma or back pain that has gotten worse.

During this phase you will need to receive adjustments more frequently.

Most people will enjoy steady improvement from day 1, while others might actually seem to be getting worse before experiencing the positive results.
This has to do with the body’s ability to adapt.


At this point you will be feeling better and perhaps the reason you first sought treatment is no longer there.

This phase addresses the cause of the problem which is normally a long-standing problem.

Now you need to choose whether to continue care in order to maintain and optimize your health, or abandon the treatment which will inevitably lead you back to where you started.


This is the phase that ensures optimal health.

This level of health has to be maintained since we are constantly under stress, be it physical, emotional or chemical.

Regular chiropractic adjustments will help insure you are living at your optimum level of health and function.

How far do you want to take your health?


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