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Educate your practice members about why it is a bad idea to discontinue chiropractic care only because the symptoms are no longer there, and the importance of continuing care to maintain and optimize health.

This is our light version our The ROAD to PROGRESS poster.

This light version is less text dense and will be to great help when educating your practice members.

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The Road to Progress

The three types of chiropractic care.

Healing and improvement takes time.

With this illustration we want to show your practice members the importance of continuing chiropractic care and the different levels of chiropractic care.

Relief Care -> Corrective Care -> Wellness Care

This illustration is of great help when explaining the why your practice members need to come back even though their symptoms may be gone.

We also recommend the text based version of this poster “The ROAD to PROGRESS“.



18" x 24" / 50 x 70cm (EUROPE & OCEANIA), 24" x 36" / 70 x 100cm (EUROPE & OCEANIA)


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