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Our “Nervous System”-poster is designed to spark curiosity and foster understanding, this poster is a powerful tool for chiropractors and other professionals aiming to educate their patients about the vastness of the nervous system and its intricate relationship with the spine. With its striking visuals and clear presentation, “The Nervous System” poster will leave a lasting impression on both new and existing patients.

The better your patients comprehend the significance of the nervous system, the better equipped they are to appreciate the full extent of your care. A well-informed patient will not only be more invested in their treatment plan but also more likely to share their newfound knowledge with friends and family, helping to spread awareness about the incredible benefits of the care you provide.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enlighten your patients and elevate their experience with our stunning “The Nervous System” poster. Illuminate the complexities of the nervous system, strengthen the patient-practitioner relationship, and inspire a greater appreciation for the power of chiropractic care in promoting overall health and well-being.

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The NERVOUS SYSTEM is structurally divided into the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM (CNS) which includes the brain and the spinal cord, and the PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM (PNS) which is composed of all nervous structures that connect the CNS to the rest of the body.

Use this poster together with our Autonomic Nervous System – Icon X – and Dermatome posters so that your practice members will understand the relationship between the brain, the spine and the rest of the body.

Are you looking for a version of this poster to take with you for talks? Check out our Foam boards!


18×24 in / 45×60 cm, 20×28 in / 50×70 cm, 24×36 in / 60×90 cm, 28×40 in / 70×100 cm, 36×48 in (US & CANADA) / A0 '84.1 x 118.9 cm' (EUROPE & OCEANIA)


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