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Sensorimotor Integration

This poster serves as a visual aid to help your patients grasp the concept of sensorimotor integration and its critical role in overall health.

  • Input: Visual, Somatosensory, and Vestibular systems provide essential sensory information to the brain.
  • Process: The brain integrates these inputs to form a coherent understanding of body position and movement.
  • Output: Proper integration leads to positive feedback loops resulting in structural, autonomic, and emotional balance, while poor integration can cause negative feedback loops leading to imbalances and dysfunctions.

Developed with renowned chiropractor Patrick McMahon from Syntropy Chiropractic Training, this poster works seamlessly with our “The Big Three” and “Posture and Health” posters, offering a comprehensive patient education toolkit. Postural imbalances often disrupt sensorimotor integration, leading to a cascade of symptoms that can be effectively addressed through chiropractic care.

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The nervous system relies on accurate sensory information to function properly. Without proper input, the brain can’t coordinate the body efficiently, effectively or safely. Aligning ourselves with gravity is critical to the balance of all the body’s systems. The visual, vestibular and somatosensory systems – must be finely tuned for the brain to understand our position, movement and energy needs.


The brain stem is a critical integration center that processes all sensory information to maintain the body’s vital functions. It is responsible for muscle tone (balance, posture, and movement), life support (breathing, blood flow, digestion, etc.), and powering the brain to keep us awake, conscious, and aware (Reticular Activating System). Efficient, well-calibrated sensory input is essential for its proper functioning.


Many health challenges stem from hypo- or hyperactivity in the neural networks that control our muscles, organs, glands, and the regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters. Proper, balanced function requires a well-calibrated sensory system and accurate body maps. Noisy input and fuzzy maps compromise the body’s ability to respond appropriately, and over time, this faulty output leads to symptoms and dis-ease.


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