As with all out banners, the text can be customised however you wish.

Not a fan of “Free Postural Assessment”? Let’s go with: “Get your posture checked today!” or “How’s your posture?”

See more examples of this banner below.

The price includes customization, a premium retractable (roll-up) banner and a high quality carrying case.

Premium banner specifications:

Size: 33 x 81 in / 85 x 200 cm

  • Great stability & durability
  • Smooth vinyl
  • Light-blocking grey backing


This is one of our best-selling roll-ups.

This banner shows the difference between correct and incorrect posture. Many people will recognise themselves in the forward slouching silhouette. Forwards head posture – rounded shoulders – hyper kyphosis of the upper back. It goes on and on.

Bad posture sets in motion a series of common symptoms. Many of which are mentioned on this banner.

“Posture affects and moderates every physiological function from breathing to normal hormonal production.” How is that, someone may ask you. Show them the connections on the Autonomic Nervous System banner.


Check out some of the “Posture”-banners that we’ve customised for different chiropractors around the world.