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This is our new version of the classic Spinal Nerve Function chart. We’ve given this poster a new cleaner and more elegant look.

We’ve also incorporated our brand new spine illustration. This illustration is meant to attract your practice members’ attention. The illustration clearly shows how the spinal nerves exit at different levels of the spine. Many chiropractors have reached out to us about the fact that many practice members don’t even know that the peripheral nervous system originates inside the vertebral column. We can’t stress the importance of patient education. Educated patients become loyal practice members.

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Funktion der Spinalnerven

…und die Auswirkungen von Nervenstörungen.

This is another essential chiropractic poster in German.

This shows your practice members, in a clear manner, how nerve interference at different levels of the spine can affect the body.
Not only does it educate on the anatomical relationships between the brain and the body, but also the possible pathological results of interference in the nervous system.


18×24 in / 45×60 cm, 20×28 in / 50×70 cm, 24×36 in / 60×90 cm, 28×40 in / 70×100 cm, 36×48 in (US & CANADA) / A0 '84.1 x 118.9 cm' (EUROPE & OCEANIA)


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