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The design and quality are fantastic. It is an excellent way to deliver the Big Idea to our clients. Highly recommend!

Clémence Hupays D.C.

Phenomenal customer service and brilliant designs.

Dr. Raffi Grigorian

Seriously, excellent quality from design to product.

Dr. Robert Shire

We absolutely love the posters and are unbelievable impressed with how fast they were delivered.

Dr. Mark Yip Choy

EXCELLENT Customer service!
EXCELLENT product!
EXCELLENT shipping!

Dr. William Hatten

The service was incredible, the product exactly what we were hoping for. Our new posters look fantastic in our space.

Dr. BJ Power

I am absolutely blown away by the standard of service that I received from Kirografiks. The quality of the poster is amazing and my patients love it, it’s easy for them to understand. I couldn’t recommend these guys enough.

Cat Alsworth D.C.

I was in search of high quality, educational posters for my Chiropractic practice and stumbled upon Kirografiks. The quality of the images, the content have met my expectations, and I have since ordered a variety to display to my practice members.

Johan Engelbrecht D.C.

With an ever-growing library of modern posters that can be customized to perfectly match your interior –  update, upgrade, and turn your walls into beautiful and powerful allies that educate your clients and practice members alike.


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We understand that no two chiropractic clinics are the same – that’s why our designs are customizable to match your interior and reflect your way of practicing perfectly. 

With a deep understanding of the chiropractic discipline, our posters and infographics help to communicate educational materials in an accurate and engaging way that can’t help but capture attention and help you in your mission to keep backs healthy. 


It Takes One to Know One: Our chiropractic infographics are created by a graphic designer with a chiropractic background –  ensuring both accuracy and effectiveness as well as a genuine understanding of your needs.


Let your walls do the talking. Our designs are clean, modern, and minimalistic to transfer knowledge as effectively as possible, so you can focus on what really matters – providing care. 


Guaranteed to enhance your clinic walls and reflect your practice style, there is something for every chiropractic clinic – no matter your interior color palette or decor.


Because they work. Not only are our posters cost-effective, but they educate and encourage patients to look up from their phones to give you 2 benefits in 1 – more referrals and less tech neck.


Broad & Comprehensive: From pregnancy to anatomy or sports, with our wide range of chiropractic patient education materials, we’ve got your back.


Worldwide Shipping: Available in various languages, we offer worldwide shipping both near and far. Simply place your order, and we’ll handle the rest.