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Karl Viktor svensson


Kirografiks is a design studio that aims to help chiropractors with branding, web and marketing. The project was conceived by me Karl Viktor Svensson – a Swedish graphic designer & illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain.

I studied chiropractic at the Barcelona College of Chiropractic between the years 2009-2013. Although I later chose to embark on another path, chiropractic will always be very dear to me.

Kirografiks is me combining my knowledge of chiropractic with my passion for design and illustration.



We now offer chiropractic posters available in 7 languages including: English, Spanish, German, French and Swedish.


Our posters are having on walls in over 21 countries including: Sweden, Malaysia, Ecuador, Iceland, Luxembourg, USA, Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand


Our goal is to help chiropractors with their brand image. This includes the logo, marketing material (educational brochures, flyers, posters..) and online content (web, social media..).

With a profession so concerned with its identity, it is amazing how many chiropractors completely overlook the importance of their own clinic’s brand.

We want to create a library of educational material that can be easily customized both visually and linguistically, for any clinic. We feel there is a great lack of quality material for chiropractic practices – especially in other languages than English.

We realize THE GREAT IMPORTANCE of chiropractic, and we want to help it grow.